Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bhutan Through My eyes

Takhtsang Monestry , Bhutan , A Junction for Peace

Bhutan has been one of the most amazing place  I've been to , in so many years. The wave of Bhutan , as I call it , entered inside me as soon as i entered the land of Buddha , in the lap of great Himalayas. Truely called as the Land of buddha , as Siddhartha is  present everywhere in the Nature here in this Kingdom Nation.I felt like being in a different world altogether where there were less people , but almost everyone was happy with their life. A strive towards being happy is the culture of this land. well dressed girls and boys, clean streets , organised markets etc will definitely attract your attention and especially if you have come from India as you will be questioning yourself on why you are so late to be here. I assure you it would be much much more than your expectations if you have just read about bhutan on internet or books .
Bhutan is a No smoking country , and hence there are No cigarette shops across the country.  so I would suggest  smokers Either not to smoke or take their Quota of cigarette from here. India is just 5 mins away where cigarettes shops are in plenty just for the same reason. One can buy 200 sticks for the trip at a time. But at the same time , But I would love to say that as soon as I entered inside this beautiful country that wave which grips you will drive off all the Cravings and attract love for Nature than the Matter.
Welcome to the Land Buddha........................


After checking in , you pass through a narrow passage and enter Bhutan land, you reach the first town of Bhutan. Phuntsheoling . Having Shared border with India , this town holds a importance in all terms for the people of Bhutan.Most of the trade activities takes place through this border. Finding rooms is not so difficult here and you will get rooms even if you reach there at midnight. Most of the hotels have fix rates , so i would not recommend you to bargain much. This also applies to other things all across Bhutan. People are generous and its very rare that someone will try to fool you , or charge for making things easier for you etc(That would be strange for indian visitors but thats a fact).  This town is Alive till 10 30 , which is maximum in Bhutan. All the outlets and Cafes are closed but you can roam around if you like walking . There are no security issues. 

Drive from Phuntsholing to Paro

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